(Learn the fundamentals needed to compete or just achieve your ultimate fitness goals)

This class will teach you the art of boxing.  Classes incorporate jump ropes, heavy bags, shadow boxing, speed bags, double-end bags and focus mitts.  Conditioning drills are designed to help you build and tone muscles, burn fat, punch away stress, enhance self confidence and learn self defense skills.  Boxing fitness will also improve hand/feet coordination, reflexes, speed and overall well being.

Elite Boxing Fitness for Women (This class has been removed from the schedule till further notice)

Fun,  non-intimidating boxing fitness class, where you lose weight, build and tone muscles, burn fat, punch away stress, enhance self confidence and learn self defense.

Youth Boxing: Ages (7 to 10) &  (11 to 16) 

(Activities are designed to be FUN and challenging for kids of all fitness  levels)

This program teaches children proper boxing skills, such as footwork, combination punching using target mitts, heavy bags and other boxing equipment. They will develop defensive skills, learn blocks and slips with drills and instructional sparring. They will learn how to maximize their stamina and strength levels while at the same time enhancing their motor coordination. We provide children  with a safe boxing fitness environment that enables them to have fun while they are working out.

All Level Boxing Fitness

This class will give each student a huge incentive on where they stand in boxing.  Every student will have the opportunity to work with someone with more or less experience in a controlled  environment. Class will be run at a faster pace focussing on technique with more combinations of punches being put together.

Advanced Level Boxing

(Learn to put the true art of boxing to work in your favor –Invite Only)

Sparring will be conducted in a controlled environment. We will work out in 3 minute intervals with 1 minute rest periods using the timer. Get the full fighting aspect of boxing. All protective equipment will be required (head gear mouth piece groin protector and 16oz or bigger sparring gloves.



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