Youth Boxing: Ages (7 to 10) & (11 to 16) – Fun and Challenging

Children are like sponges and one of the most important things you can do is make sure they are doing things they are interested in the RIGHT and SAFE way. In this class, children are taught the proper fundamentals such as footwork, combination punching, use of target mitts, heavy bags and other equipment. They will develop their skill in areas such as blocks and slips as well as learning how to maximize their stamina and strength. Learning these skills also enhances their motor coordination at the same time as allowing their confidence and self esteem to soar. Children who take this class are provided a safe environment that not only builds skill sets that will follow them through their life, but they also get to have fun while working out!

Youth Boxing is becoming one of the most popular extra activities for the youth in Oviedo and the surrounding area- Orlando winter springs Longwood Lake Marry. Elite Boxing is not just a boxing gym for tough guys its a school of Boxing where you learn the Art on how to become a Boxer.














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