First Award Given To:jackson

My first award goes to the junior champion Jackson Henson 7 years old. Jackson has continued to demonstrate a positive Attitude and the Hard Work of a champion. Jackson is very enthusiastic about learning how to box. He is gifted with mental toughness and a positive attitude of a fighter. Jackson has bright future in the sport of boxing or which ever athletic type road he chooses. I am very proud to be his boxing coach. I look forward to seen him grow in the sport of boxing. I’m very proud of you champ. Keep up the awesome work.

Congratulation to our two fighters who fought on Sunday September 9th they both won by unanimous¬† decision. I am very happy with their performance. even if there’s always room to improve but considering this was their first boxing match they look very confidence and was able to control the the intensity of the fight and displayed boxing techniques just as they practiced in the GYM. I really look forward to these guys future. They are both young and very talented. THEY BOTH HAVE A VERY PROMISING FUTURE IN THE SPORT OF BOXING


denver and davejackson











Come out and show your support for our very own Julius Mobley (super heavy weight) 1-0 vs Michael Canuel 0-0

This Sunday June 9th, 2013 see attached flyer for details

IMG_6609Julius June 9th fight








Congratulation to Julius on his WIN

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